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No pain is too tough to treat – Learn how these patients got their lives back!


“Words can not express how deeply grateful I am for the wonderful care Dr. Hanna and his staff (especially his P.A.) provide. After several spine surgeries, I was still left with 70% neuropathy and pain. From my head to my legs, the pain was/is disabling. Dr. Hanna has been providing pain management with care and precision. Working closely with his staff, I will soon have a spinal cord stimulator and a new life!!!” – Anna Couture 6/18/2015


“In 2005, I was involved in a car accident out of state. Doctors there told me that without surgery, I might suffer paralysis of my legs due to the splintering of a vertebra that was compromising my spinal cord. After enduring four back surgeries within 35 days, I was left with a spinal fusion from the middle of my back to my tailbone. The removal of two ribs created a huge hernia on my left side and excruciating pain throughout most of my body.

Dr. Hanna has performed radiofrequency (deadening of the nerves) to my lower back on both sides of my spinal cord. The procedure is a very delicate one to avoid colliding with the two metal rods and many screws. These procedures, along with medication, allows me to suffer much less pain and increases mobility. I can once again enjoy flower gardening, shuffleboarding, fishing family outings and just being alive!” – M.D.C. 5/27/2015

“After having the RFA I was able to go to through the day without the severe pain I had on a daily basis. I was able to do more activity without worrying if it would leave me in bed the next day from stiffness, muscle spasms pain which also triggered migraines. I am very pleased.” – C.S. 3/18/2015

“I have been diagnosed with neuropathy and chronic pain for 15 years. I have seen and been under the care of too many physicians to count while having little to no results for the moment to moment pain i suffered. When my PCM referred me to Dr. Hanna, I had little hope he would suggest anything but the drug therapy I had already needed to over the years. Instead, he thoroughly examined every aspect of my pain and came up with an actual plan to conquer it. One part of his plan was RFA on both the left and right side of my neck. The procedure sounded dreadfully scary to me but Dr, Hanna gentle compassion gave me the ability to trust and HOPE. I am thrilled to announce my hope was well-founded. I have much more range in the neck and the pain has lessened considerably! There is not a visit that goes by when I do not insist on hugging Dr. Hanna. His thorough care for me never ends as he constantly checks and double checks any changes in my physical body. I am oh-so thankful to have finally found a physician, a pain physician who cares about my whole being. I have yet to leave his office without feeling relief. ” – Patricia L. Parks 3/17/2015

“I had an RFA with about 70% pain relief. I am also in pulmonary rehab and doing well; starting to exercise again. Still have some pain but I am doing well with my medication to keep my pain manageable. I am anxious to see how much more relief I will have when I lose more weight. I have lost 13 lbs so far; I have joined nutrisystem and am very pleased. Thank You Dr. Hanna.” – K.W. 2/26/2015

“Dr. Hanna is great and all the RFA and ESI trigger points have finally helped a lot. Its not gone yet but it is better. I the the body is finally adjusting to the help. The relief is great. Right now I am working on the trigger point shots.” – V.A. 2/3/2015

“Such a gentleman! I have been very happy with the care I have received at Florida Spine. Dr. Hanna and his staff are wonderful and caring people. The staff at C-Med is also outstanding. As a patient with facet joint pain for many years, I have been amazed at how good my body feels after having several RFA treatments. Thank you Dr. Hanna Staff! ” - P.B. 12/5/2014


” I had the RFA a few times on my shoulder, and lower back and it has helped me alot. I would recommend this anyone who has the pain that I have. The shots i’ve received has help also. Made my life less painful. I also recommend them as well. Love Dr Hanna, thankful for all he has done for me. Thank you so much Dr. Hanna and staff.” - Christine Perry, 9/26/2013


Prior to seeing Dr. Hanna, Mary Sullivan had immense pain and could not move her neck. Dr. Hanna performed a Radiofrequency Ablation treatment that reduced Mary’s pain and allowed her to move freely and gave her mobility.

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